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ZIK Parrot by Starck: the Bluetooth touch-activated headset

Under the elegant design of Philippe Starck, the ZIK Parrot by Starck Bluetooth headset features highend technology.

ZIK Parrot by Starck Official website

Equipped with an active noise cancelling system, it insulates you from
surrounding noise in order to guarantee the purest sound experience,
whether listening to music or making phone calls.
And because music must be heard in all its harmony, intensity and depth,
ZIK has powerful DSP (Digital Signal Processing) algorithms that
recreate the contours of the music in full. This is the “Parrot Concert
effect: the music is in front of you, like at a concert!
Access to basic functions is hyper-intuitive, thanks to a touch panel
located on the entire surface of the ZIK’s right earpiece. Swipe the panel
vertically to set the volume, or swipe it horizontally to skip music

ZIK also has a unique presence-sensor system. Removing the headset
puts it into standby mode automatically.
As with all Parrot products, ZIK is compatible with all mobile phone brands and accepts a large number
of music sources: connecting via a cable jack; transferring audio files using Bluetooth A2DP stereo or
using contactless NFC* technology, which has never been achieved before on a headset.
Availability: Coming in 2012
Price: To be announced


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