Parrot MKi new update : 1.11


A new software version is now available for PARROT MKi9100 and PARROT MKi9200.

PARROT MKi9200: version 1.11

** General improvements
- RF improvement for missed key presses
- DSP algorithm tuning for handsfree communication
- Improve update sturdiness during power supply loss
- Handle properly the pause status of the playback of the iPhone after an incoming call in discreet mode

*Specific Improvements for MKi9200 / MKi9100 :
- Secret and handsfree icons now appear properly during calls
- iPod/iPhone playlists displayed on the screen according to the order of the entries defined in the devices

*Specific Improvement for MKi9000 :
- ‘Mute on Streaming’ setting shortcut has changed to the Previous+Next keypress

This version is available from the Parrot Software Update Tool available at :