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Update your PARROT MKi9100 and PARROT MKi9200


A new software version is now available for PARROT MKi9100 and PARROT MKi9200.

PARROT MKi9200: version 1.02 – Release Notes:

– Several iPod/USB bug fix
– Better music source management
– [USB/SD]: Add Save music position at extinction
– [USB/SD]: Remove random option (will be reactivated on future software versions)
– [iPod/USB/SD]: Improve browsing efficiency in music lists (Press |<< or >>| in lists to browse by letters)
– [Interface]: Add popups to indicate problems/status
– [Interface]: Improve texts translations
– [Phone] Add Phone voice reco
– [Phone]: Limit synchro to 2000 contacts per user
– PARROT MKi9200 Specific : [iPod/USB/SD]: cover is not reloaded when changing between tracks of a same album

This version is available from the Parrot Software Update Tool available at : http://www.parrot.com/usa/support/downloads


  1. Robert-Peter Westphal says:


    I downloaded and installed the new software vesion 1.02 to my MKi9200. What I recognized is that it will not recognize the last song which has been played from USB. it starts with the same song everytime I switch it on, but does not remember the last song / Album / artist which was played.

    Furthermore the adressbook from my Blackberry 8310 curve is sorted by the first name in the parrot and not the way it should be by the last name. The option to cange the it in the MKi is not avaible. In the adressbook of my blackberry everything is fine, the adressbook is synchronized by outlook / exchange-server.

    Best wishes


  2. Ana Martins says:

    Where’s the file to update Parrot Miki 9100? The download tool can’t find it. :(

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